• Georgina Turner

The Five R's of Change

Living with change and stress can seem very challenging. This past 16 months have been full of both for almost everyone. I recently came across the “Five R’s” of dealing with change and stress which gives you five tools to cope with the day-to-day challenges from change and stress.


Keeping a daily routine is really helpful when the world around is changing so fast. Seek comfort in

those things that haven’t changed in your life. At the beginning of the pandemic there were a lot of articles from submariners who are shut in their tin can for months on end. Routines were one of the main ways that helps them through the day and can help you too.


Sometimes easier said than done, but finding time to do something that you find relaxing will help to put things into perspective and gives you a break from focussing on those things that are worrying you. This can be meditation activities such as mindfulness or gardening, exercise, dancing, baking, any activity you have to concentrate on (and also not be using your phone!).


Preparation prevents poor performance was a saying from my time working in an office in the 90’s. It can really help with stressful situations if you have rehearsed them in your mind or with someone else beforehand. By lowering your stress levels around an event or situation it can help improve your confidence and performance too.


Sometimes it is helpful to sit back and take stock of how things are going. Take some time to separate fact from rumour or people’s opinions on a situation which may be skewed by their perceptions. By concentrating on what is within your ability to control and change your stress levels around change will reduce, there’s no point getting stressed about something that you can’t control or change.


Reflect about the changes that are happening. Get support from those around you. The benefit of talking to a counsellor about the changes and stresses in your life is that they have no agenda and aren’t involved in your everyday life and what you say is confidential.

Putting it all together

With these range of ways to help cope with change and stress there is always one way which will help you handle any stressful situation. For example, if you have a job interview which involves both stress and potential change, rehearsing what questions may be asked and also facts and information about the company you are being interviewed by will help you feel stressed and more prepared. If the day has been overwhelming and nothing has gone right,

spending an hour or two in the garden or baking a favourite recipe using the relax ‘R’ will give you an opportunity to focus on something which you enjoy and reduce the stress of the day.

If you’d like to find out how I can support you into putting the “Five R’s” into your life, please contact me here.


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